EAN kód8595057668683
Súly2.08 kg/m
Ólommentes anyagyes
Önkioltó30 sec.
Hőállóság-5 - 60 °C
Izzó hurok teszt850 °C
Mechanikai védelemIK07
Ütésállóság1 J
Szélesség214 mm
Magasság66 mm
Hosszúság2 m
Belső felület4400, 3100
The trunkings are available in lengths with a tolerance of ± 0.5% at 20 ° C.
they are resistant to aggressive and chemical environments. They do not resist UV radiation, they are not suitable for outdoor use.
Gyártói ajánlások
If the SK 40X33 (higher) shielding canal can be installed, it is not possible to use instruments with a larger installation depth, eg with an overvoltage protection device. The producer recommends checking the depth of a particular device before installation.
Tűzveszélyességi osztályA1 - F
Védelmi típusokIP 40
SzabványokČSN EN 50 085-1
Csomagolás leíráspackage - cardboard

Designed for installation of standard and modular devices 45 x 45 or 45 x 22,5 mm. KOPOS recommends installing QUADRO instruments, tailor-made for KOPOS products. The installation of devices from other manufacturers is possible with maximal instrument depth 54mm. Its design allows inserting shielding canals SK 40X ... (to both chambers), all kinds of partition walls, including metal ones, which serve as a shield, providing a great fixation of cables in the desired position. KP PK instrument box with 8450 instrument washers are designed for mounting standard instruments and allow the installation of combined frames. Maximum number of modular instruments placed next to each other is 3 pcs. When installing multiple instruments next to each, it is necessary to put about 5 cm wide piece of lid after 3 pieces to fasten them. There is no need to use instrument washers for the final installation of modular devices. The lid is cut to the desired length and inserted next to the instrument. Due to the above characteristics and cover integrity, this parapet trunking ranks among the products with the highest utility value offered by KOPOS KOLÍN a.s. in the area of parapet trunkings. This parapet channel was awarded with the Golden Amper diploma.